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Why paying high commission to 3rd party channels while you can generate your own direct website sales? We're here to help you!

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Your industry, consumer trends and the economy are forever changing and without the correct insight you can miss opportunities and even worse, not be prepared for future challenges. The number of people using the web to make enquiries for services and products especially booking a hotel is constantly growing.

Almost every hotel are depending heavily on third party channel since they offer a marketing and reservation experience like never before. Those channels typically drive a great percentage of online reservations to hotels, but claim a high commission from each transaction. Hotel owners usually prefer that guests book travel directly through their own website, but is your hotel website ready to generate sales? Is it attractive enough? Is it commercial? Is it easy to navigate and book? These key factors are more important than ever if you want to be successful in the leisure business. A common problem we’re facing today is how to make our online presence become profitable.

MindiMedia provide expert solutions for hotels to increase profitability by maximizing revenue and enhance your brand awareness through a wide range of services & strategies. Our professional team members have deep understanding of digital strategy and implementation to hospitality e-commerce market. We’ve been helping hotels & villas to grow their revenues and brand awareness.

Our Services

Website Management Service

Website management service focusses to maximise your profit by building your brand reputation online with your website. From the hotel web developing integrated with great UI/UX design, optimised product rate structure and booking engine, search engine existence to social media presence are the approaches to make your brand stand out tall in the middle of hospitality industry competition. We aim for generating sales directly from your website instead of 3rd party channels by optimise your online reputation and implement an attractive booking experience in your website with ease.

Digital Revenue & Branding Solution

Since search engine is still the number one source for people to purchase a product, this approach allowing you to connect with them directly and grow your business. This online marketing method is actually a must-have for any e-commerce industry to stand out from competition todays. No matter how nice your website may be, if your property doesn’t appear in the first pages of search results, you may never be found. Our approach will connect into your business revenue system as a solution to increase conversion. With following this program we shall directing business right into your own channel to let you maximise your revenue.

Our online marketing program also available in Google Display Network for Branding purpose. It lets you place your business ads on a variety of websites across the internet. With more than 3 billion internet users worldwide, it’s a great opportunity to promote your business to the targeted audiences. You can custom your target segment and deploy your promotion with the right message to the right people and at the right time. For those who just started to build brand awareness, our program will exactly match with your needs. Google Display Network focuses to expand your reach to broad or specific niche audiences.

Re-Branding Strategy Service

Company branding is the most effective way to show potential customer what your business is about. It is reflected visually with images, logo, and many design elements like slogans & marketing materials. In today’s global market, it is important to stand out from the crowd. Your brand is no longer competing on a local market but the global economy. How do you stand out from the thousand similar firm around the globe? A good brand interacts with people at an emotional level, they feel something engaging when they buy the brand. Purchasing is an emotional experience and having a strong brand helps people good emotionally when they engage with your company, and it provide value beyond your physical assets as well. We help you to give assistance with your brand, from creating strategic plan to design implementation on every particular part that will be your interface to engage customers. The objective is your brand becomes the core of all your marketing pieces, as well as being an opportunity to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Turn Ideas & Strategies into Revenues

Interactive Strategic Research

Every business has it goals, and it is our responsibility to optimize your campaign with an interactive strategic research. We analyze everything that matters including your products, targets, keywords, and any other details to reach the goals.

Market Insight & Intelligence

We help you to analyze the market insight and demand by gather all the information to monitor any competitors or competing products you tell us about. All the information will let your campaign to run efficiently and profitably by stay ahead of competition.

Certified Professional Team

Our professional team members holds individual certifications from Google. We have deep understanding of search engine marketing tools, technologies and optimisation strategies. We also have extensive experience in competitive eCommerce markets like online booking, insurance, online shop, etc.

Fully Support Maintenance & Optimization

Report will be sent to you periodically. We help you to analyze and evaluate your campaign in order to get maximum optimized results. We also will keep update ideas and strategies to help your business on the right track and the right pace.

There are 3 billion internet users worldwide, and within our reach.

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