Hospitality Management

Get to Know What is Hospitality Management

And How We Manage Your Hotel Property

A hospitality management is very common in hospitality industry. From hotels, villas, resorts, cruises, restaurants, bars, event planners, to theme parks are some of the hospitality industries that need hospitality management in order to keep the market revenue stable or constantly increased, and also maintain a good relationship with customers. Commonly, a hospitality management includes 3 main things; 1. Hotel Operational Management (front desk operations, housekeeping, guest relations, regulations, etc.) 2. E-Commerce Consultation (focusing on sales increasement, OTA sales optimization, maximize profits) 3. Revenue Optimization (focus on hotel’s monthly revenue, digital marketing, ads optimization, reducing cost).

Unlike the common management, our Hospitality Management focuses on Revenue Optimization. Then what makes our Hospitality System different? Not only we’re focusing on optimizing your revenue, our goal is to help significantly increasing your sales revenue through direct booking. We’ve been helping tons of hotels and other hospitality industries to drastically increase their direct bookings and avoid high OTA commission.

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How Our Hospitality Management Works

And How Optimizing Revenue Become Our Main Focus

Our team is dedicated to help your business maximize booking revenue sales not only from OTA but from direct bookings, considering OTA sales require high commission for monthly total bookings.

E-Commerce Consulting

Our e-commerce team has deep understanding for hospitality e-commerce. From promotions to handling disparity rates, we managed to sell as many room as possible both from e-commerce and website direct booking.

Website Enhancement

To boost direct booking sales, having a good website is important to manage. A website that offers an excellent customer experience will leads to higher revenue. We have our customized widget to maximize your direct booking from website.

Digital Marketing Integration

Our marketing strategy integrated with digital marketing platforms enabling our advertisement reach targeted audience ,resulting in higher search result placement and boost brand recognition.

Customer Relationship

Maintaining a good relationship with customer is one of a great way to build trust for your business. From enhancing your website to managing your social media, we aimed to maintain your business relationship with customers.

Maximize Your Website Management

with our Professional CMS Service

We handle your business website management professionally with our advanced CMS. With our CMS, we centrally store your content so it can be easily found and accessed. Our CMS allows us to create and publish your content, add team members, store media, search for specific content, and more. If these explanations are still too overwhelming for you and your team, worry not! Our team has deep understanding in website management with CMS and we’ve been helping tons of hotel manage their website and boost their revenue with professional website management.

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