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Learn What is Add-on Tools

And How it Helps Your Website Revenue

Have you ever visited a website and you see a sticky floating box with special offers? or the most common use is for live chat. It allows us to perform specific activity while the background is the whole website. It’s called website add-on tools or floating widget. It is an interactive window that floats on top of the website homepage.

In a newly developed website, uses of add-on tools can help website visitors find what they need in a website. For a hospitality market business, direct bookings from website is a great way to boost revenue with minimum cost. While a website interface plays an important role in generating higher direct booking revenue, using add-on tools is an excellent way to fulfill every website visitor needs. It can be performed for specific task or information.

The most common use that you might seen is live chat, but add-on tools can be used much more than that. Displays beneficial information like hotel price comparison, special price offers, guarantee form, can instantly triggers website visitors to proceed a reservation from website.

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Get to Know

Our Add-On Tools for Your Website

Price Comparison Tool

Our price comparison tool allows website visitor to compare OTAs real live hotel rates for the same accommodations. This tool also displays the lowest price that your website can offer compared to OTA rates. The purposed of this widget is to inform website visitors that through this website, they can get lower rates rather than book a reservation from OTAs.

Best Price Guarantee Form

You just find out that your hotel rates is lower on OTAs? With our best price guarantee form we’ve prepared a solution for this unlikely event. Best price guarantee tool allows customers to easily upload screenshots of better rates from third parties, sending requests directly to your reservations team. This is a great opportunity for your hotel to offer the best deals, while effectively reducing OTA commissions.

Live Chat Windows

Our Live Chat windows tool allows your potential guests to have a live chat with your customer service team without needed to move to another platform like social media or email. With this system, you can get closer to your customer and directly answer any questions your customer asks.

Loyalty Membership

Our Loyalty Membership tool displays special rates only for registered members. This tool allows website visitors to see better deals for the same accommodation with cheaper price. They only need to register as a member, and as soon as they click “Join as Member” they need to fill a new member form to process registration.

Optimize Your Website Direct Bookings

with our Add-on Tools Integrated Website

Add-on tools or floating widgets is one of our main focus in building a website. We understand how a direct booking from website is an excellent way to boost a business revenue with minimum commission. With our add-on tools integrated website, not only improving website visitors online booking experience, but the most important is to provide instant answers to their needs.

Displaying direct information that’s easily accessed for website visitors is the best way to build trust for your business and convert those experience into a reservation.

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